Weekly Vinyl – S-Express

8 Aug

Theme from S-Express

So this is Acid house. And S-Express was one of the big names in Acid-House in the late 80s.
I’m listening and trying to think of what I was doing in the late 80s. I was not grooving to Acid house or any other electronic music. I was aware of it but it did not loom large on my horizon. I think in the late 80s I was into acoustic guitar music – folk, blues, whatever.
As the music plays in the background, I clean my office. This music is good for this kind of activity as it makes you want to move. I’m sure it would make me want to move if I was at a n outdoor festival and the music was at a deafening level, but we are where we are. And we listen to music as we do.
This music is much slower than today’s electronic dance music, and the beat seems more deliberate and pronounced. The energy is a bit more laid back. An occasional melody will strike up for the hell of it.
I like this stuff.


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