Weekly Wine – Emu

23 Jul

SONY DSCHardy’s Stamp Series Cabernet Merlot
13.5% ABV

I grimaced when I took the first sip of this wine.
Not because I took to big of a gulp.
Not because something hit me upside the head as I took the swig.
I grimaced because this wine shocked me.
It was not too good. Sour. Heavy on the sulphites.
It was not pleasant. And I loved the other wine in this series. I reviewed it this past February. It was, and most likely still is, a great wine. Here’s the review.
What happened?
Bizarre pairing of grapes? No. I’ve drank plenty of good Cabernet Merlots.
A bad year? Why would it be. The other wine was 2012. This is not an excuse.
Is this a bad batch? Perhaps.
I look at the back label more carefully to seek some answers. It states, “Contains: Milk, egg, fish.”
Huh? In wine?
OK. It is used as a clearing agent. But I have not seen this listed on any other wine.
Is the concentration here higher than in other wines?
This is perhaps the reason why this wine is so disappointing.
Perhaps so perhaps not…
Nice Emu. Not nice wine.





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