Weekly Vinyl – Nursery Cryme

11 Jul

Nursery Cryme
Now this is progressive rock at its peak. Well near its peak.
Genesis is one of the main bands of this genre, and this album is very indicative of this.
Each song is a fantastic, surrealistic story. The music is dreamy and sweeps you away on an adventure that is in the story. The sound is lush and on occasion breaking out into a loud fury that denotes that this is still rock-n-roll and not some new age somnambulist music.
What marks this album and most of Genesis’ music is that there really are no big solos or much instrumental noodling. The songs are tight and the instrumental passages are there to convey emotion to the song.
Although perhaps not the strongest work of the classic Genesis line-up (Gabriel, Hackett, Banks, Rutherford and Collins) this is a solid album that does not fail to disappoint.


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