Weekly Vinyl – English Beat

4 Jul

I Just Can’t Stop It
The English Beat

I’m smiling as I listen to this album and write these words. SKA is such a joyous music, even when a song is about nasty stuff. The beat, for the most part, is slow, by modern standards, but very strong and purposeful.
This album has The English Beat’s big hit – Mirror In The Bathroom. Here the beat is quick and gets you moving. Even if you do not feel like moving. The bass is beautiful. The guitar simple and exquisite. And the melodious saxophone meanders through the whole song. What a great tune.
But that is not it. There are a bunch of great songs here. This is an album that you can say, without a hint of irony – Every song’s a hit. I’m not joking.
If memory three or four of the songs on this album were bona fide hits here in Canada. They were big in their home UK and even were well known in the US.
But whatever their ranking, the music is amazing – Full Stop.



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