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Weekly Wine – Berninger

11 Jun

SONY DSCBeringer White Zinfandel
$9.95 (LCBO)

This is a pink wine.
The label has a pink border, pink lettering and a pink shrink top.
This pink matches the pink hue of the wine itself.
This wine is making me turn pink as it is light refreshing and a wonderful drink. I’m looking at the bottle and am wondering where it went. It is really a nice wine this is.
It is fruity without being overbearing. It carries a hint of sweetness which is just right – it is not saccarin. It is dryish without parching ones palate.
What a happy wine.
I guess this is what they mean by a well balanced wine, in marketing speak. This term does not appear on the label and this is good because I usually pose a sceptical eye on anything that claims to be well balanced.
This wine is light on alcohol so is a wonderful refreshing drink on a summers afternoon. Or evening. Or night. You’ll be pushing trouble for the morning but mixed with some juice… why not.
I’ve had rose wines that cost nearly double this but did not come near to the pleasure that this wine has given me.


8 Jun

… doggy.
I mean wolf.

Weekly Vinyl – Glen Campbell

6 Jun


Southern Nights
Glen Campbell
Not sure why I have this album but here it is anyway. Glen Campbell is a country and western singer yet it doesn’t really sound so on this album.
There are some mildly countryish songs but the feel of the album is of 1970s middle-of-the-road, radio friendly pablum.
I like my country and western music to have yodelling, weeping guitars. Songs about motherhood. And trucks. Or horses. Farmyard animals. City girls and country dames. And more yodelling.
This album was released in 1977, a year when a lot of really good music came out. This is not one of those albums. Taken in the context of Glen Campbell’s many other releases it might be considered a good album, but I honestly do not hear any redeeming music here.
I’ll keep it to torture some guests … eventually.


Weekly Wine – Bonarda

4 Jun

SONY DSCArgento Bonarda
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

So I’m perusing the wine racks and looking for the under ten dollar gems. I feel that I should be disheartened because I have consumed many of these bottles. Some now cost more then ten dollars.
Nickels more than ten dollars…
As I’m passing by the Argentinian section, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, wisely segregates the wine by country of origin, I give a cursory glance. The section is small, and I think that I have sucked all the nectar out of it.
And I see Bonarda.
I have no idea what it is. But the price is right. And the vineyard/company that bottles it has made passable inexpensive wines that I have approved of.
I buy it.
I try it.
It is good.
Spicy. Light. A nice classic plonk that will only offend the most anal and hateful sommeliers. (Why would you associate with such people anyway is beyond me)
This wine will cost ten cents more in a year from now.
Buy it now.

BTW – Bonadra is a type of grape that was originally from France, called Douce noir, but now is mostly grown in South America. Hence Argentina. In California it is called Charbono. Lots of names for a good grape.

Hitching a ride

2 Jun


This cheeky monkey hopped on my roof. They were swarming the car at the African Lion Safari. But this one just sat there. Calmly looking out for the next car to sully.