Weekly Wine – Cotton Candy

25 Jun

SONY DSCCotton Candy Rose
Year: N/A
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I saw this wine and it was love at first sight.
Cotton Candy Wine!
Who might this be marketed to?
When I approach something new, be it wine, music, art, humans, whatever, I try not to prejudge. It was hard with this one as I don’t like cotton candy as it is sickly sweet. Your face is sticky, as are your hands, and you feel diabetes looming over you.
And here before me is Cotton Candy wine…
Journalists who review things like bad products because they can wax poetics, shovel the bile, and really put the screws to a product.
I thought this wine would be worse. Make no mistake, this is a bad wine. It is not as sweet as cotton candy, but it has that sicklyness that is attached to that sugary mess. On has to note that these wine creators did get fairly close to the flavour of cotton candy.
Why? Why would you want to do this?
Did they make a wine that is bad and it tasted like cotton candy so they had a marketing brain wave?
I can’t imagine anybody buying this wine, except for a joke… or an insult.





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