Weekly Vinyl – The Pleasure Principle

13 Jun

The Pleasure Principle
Gary Numan
What a smile comes across my face when I hear the first synthesiser sounds emenating from the speakers. There is no sound so good like an analogue synthesizer. I’m not knocking digital synthesizer – they are amazing machines – but the older analogue sound is so sweet. So electronic. So primitive.
This album was a signpost for the 80s sound of music – Post-Punk, New Romantic, New Wave, Synth Pop. It was, and is, a fantastic album. And I am not just being nostalgic. And I am not just focusing on the massive hit “Cars.”
The whole album album is great. It is not quite Kraftwerk because there is more emotion behind the sterile and soulful synthesizer sound.
It is interesting, as this was a staple on the dance floors in the early 80s, how slow the beat is. Compared to today’s pop, these are leisurely ballads.
Fantastic to listen to and fantastic to move to – I can’t wait to spring this one on my kids.


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