Weekly Vinyl – Glen Campbell

6 Jun


Southern Nights
Glen Campbell
Not sure why I have this album but here it is anyway. Glen Campbell is a country and western singer yet it doesn’t really sound so on this album.
There are some mildly countryish songs but the feel of the album is of 1970s middle-of-the-road, radio friendly pablum.
I like my country and western music to have yodelling, weeping guitars. Songs about motherhood. And trucks. Or horses. Farmyard animals. City girls and country dames. And more yodelling.
This album was released in 1977, a year when a lot of really good music came out. This is not one of those albums. Taken in the context of Glen Campbell’s many other releases it might be considered a good album, but I honestly do not hear any redeeming music here.
I’ll keep it to torture some guests … eventually.


One Response to “Weekly Vinyl – Glen Campbell”

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