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Weekly Vinyl – Spasticus

9 May

Spasticvs Avtisticvs
Ian Dury

This maxi single proudly proclaims that you get 12-inches for the price of a single.
It doesn’t mention that there is but one song on both sides – albeit two different versions of the same song.
And what a song it is.
Ian Dury was a master songsmith and able to precisely target and hit the overly sensitive buttons of the general population. He did it with “Sex and drugs and Rock-n-roll”
This song, “Spasticus Autisticus,” was equally controversial and was banned from many radio stations. Dury suffered from polio and was thumbing his nose at what he perceived as the hollow event during the “Year of the Disabled.”

Ian Dury was a true original. I wish there was more than these two versions of the same song on this disk.


Weekly Wine – Donini

7 May

SONY DSCDonini Merlot di Piave

12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

For the life of me I thought this bottle was corked. It had that plasticky wrap just like corked bottles do. The neck opening was a tad thicker than usual but I thought that this was due to the bottle being a one litre size.
I was shocked when I unwrapped the plastic and sap a plain-Jane screw cap looking at me.
My expectations for the wine sank.
They were lifted when I took the first few sips. Not bad. Good flavour. The sulphites are not too prominent. The wine does have a bit of a sour off flavour to it. This is definitely a wine that should be consumed with food.
After the food, toasted bread and some dried sausage, I got well used to the wine. I burrowed deeper into its largess. The wine is quite light in alcohol, so there was no danger of me loosing my faculties.
I like the fact that I don’t have to fumble around for the cork to close up the bottle. The only question is will there be anything left in the bottle that might escape.

Geko molting

4 May

There’s really not much more to say than this geko is molting.
He/she/it usually hides and is unseen. It came out on this day.
I guess it was not comfortable inits own skin… ha, ha…
Apparently, the geko will eat the skin once it is off.
Bon appetite.

Weekly Vinyl – Paris Music Hall

3 May


Paris Music Hall
Mario Lanzone (dir)

This is an old record I picked up in Switzerland. The cover is very plain and I was not sure what the music would be like. Kitchy and touristy or a bit of authentic Paris culture.
Fortunately the music favours the latter. It has a cool big-band feel to it. It is not the simple can-can music one would expect, especially looking at the cover.
There are songs here that channel Edith Piaf. Very nice torch songs.
I’ve been stuck listening to the first side for a while as the record hole is very tight around the record pin. I struggled to get the record off. I’ve had this with a few other albums but not to this degree. Will WD40 come to the rescue…
No. I have a small oil stain on the record label now. Don’t do this at home kids…
The second side is Just as wonderful as the first.
But how will I remove the record?