27 May

Voting is a funny thing.
It is the basis of democracy – stating yea or nay on an issue, candidate or proposition.
It is fascinating that so many people in prosperous and stable democratic countries take this basic act for granted and do not fulfil this right and privalege. It is not a duty – it is a privalege if you honesgrly think about it.
My heart’s homeland Ukraine just had an election. They are in a state of invasion. A foreign power has annexed a large swath on the country and is funding/provocating well armed insurectiuon in the country.
And yet…
In spite of ballots being burnt by the Putin backed thugs.
In spite of ballot boxes being smashed by the Putin backed thugs.
In spite of heavily armed Putin backed thugs intimidating local polling stations.
In spite of lies propagated by Putin’s media lakeys.
In spite of an electorate that has seen political and corporate lies and corruptions that cannot be imagined by most in the “west”.
About 60 per cent (60%) of the population came out to vote.
That’s better than the EU votes that happened the same day.
That’s better than any US turnout in living memory.
That’s better than most Canadian elections.
That will probably be a better turn out that these elections that we will have in Ontario in June.

And I ordered signs from each of the three parties contesting the election.
I got a big sign from one and a small one from another.
A third party has not come through in one week. Do they really want my vote?
No one is invading Ontario.
And I am worried that a party has not given me a sign.

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