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6 Apr

This kid does not know what a typewriter is. He might never see one again.
Damn you technology!

No more Czars or Komissarz (sic)

5 Apr

Karen Stinz is a councillor in Toronto’s city hall. She is one of many people running for mayor against the current mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. If you do not know who Rob Ford, is consider yourself lucky. And blessed.
Ms Stinz made a speech today outlining her proposals to ease traffic in Toronto. I was driving at the time and got a bit upset.

Dear Karen,
Congratulations on deciding to run for mayor. You seem like a breath of fresh air and you are on my short list of candidates to support.
I listened and read the reports of your plan to tackle Toronto’s gridlock and transportation needs and was bemused.
A transport czar?
Every time a “Czar” is appointed it leads failed results and an unwieldy bureaucracy.
Look at the how effective the US “drug czar” has been.
The title “Czar” is a Russian one, and these despots were only good for invading other lands, repressing their own people, and corruption. Hardly a designation you want to give to a someone.
Perhaps your policy needs a bit of
Nestor Gula

Weekly Vinyl – The Dial-a-Poem Poets

4 Apr

Better an old demon than a new God
I’m listening to this album and the first early impression is that this is a compilation of narcissistic New York types insisting that the New York they know and love is changing.
But then it came to me. There are gems in this album.
There are some really cool musical/lyrical gems in this recording.
I like the experimentation of Psyhcic TV, Lydia Lunch, Meredith Monk and Arto Lindsay. I was rather impressed by Jim Carroll’s screed, someone I do not hold too highly, but I was even more intrigued when I looked at the cover and noticed that it was recorded in Toronto by Elliott Lefko. This is the guy who is now a big time concert promoter and the guy behind the Coachella festival.
William S. Burroughs was nice to hear but it did drag on a bit. Richard Hell’s piece is also nothing really to write about.

Boycott Russian Booze

2 Apr

Dear Mr. Holyday,
I am writing to you as a constituent of Etobicoke-Lakeshore to ask you to support Ms. DiNovo’s Private Member’s Bill calling for the LCBO to boycott Russian vodka.
This is not an anti-Russian action as it is a pro-democracy, pro-human rights issue.
Businesses in the Russian Federation are inextricably linked together and the makers and the exporters of Russian vodka must support Putin’s actions.
You, no doubt, know of Putin’s actions in Crimea and now is threatening a full scale invasion of Ukraine.
His aggression is not limited to former nations occupied by the Soviet Union, but has already been exposed by his past maneuvеrs in the Arctic.
While this boycott might not in itself compel him to stop his aggressive behaviour, the LCBO is one of the largest buyers of alcohol in the world and it will have a serious impact in some pocketbooks and symbolically. The trade sanctions enacted by the Canadian federal government, the EU and the USA is a good step and we all must do our part to ensure that no money goes to Putin’s war coffers.
I believe it is for this issue that all parties can put their differences aside and support this motion to ban the sale of Russian vodka until Crimea is returned to Ukraine and democracy and human rights take hold in the Russian Federation.
Thank you,
Nestor Gula

Weekly Wine – Kawin

2 Apr

SONY DSCKawin Cabernet Sauvignon
13% ABV
$9.90 (LCBO)

The picture of the bottle shows an empty bottle.
It was consumed before the necessary photography could be completed. There is a story about this.
Several bottles were bought. Several friends were invited. Several bottles were opened.
Comments were made about my reviews of sub ten dollar wines – as we were drinking wines of much greater monetary value.
I opened this one at random.
My point was, and is, to really get an amazing, HOLY COW, wine, you have to get pretty close to three digits and more often than not, go over that sum.
All the guests like the wine. They commented that it was just as fine as the ones we were consuming that were nearly twice the monetary value.
I don’t really remember anything specific about this wine, as more wine flowed after this bottle served its purpose.
It is a good wine that was enjoyed by many.