Weekly Vinyl – Japanese Sketches

25 Apr

Japanese Sketches
Dorothy Guyver Britton
I’m not sure why I have this album.
Did I get it from my parent’s collection? I don’t think so. Immigrant parents tended to stick to their own mournful songs – although my mom loved Nana Mouskouri.
Who wouldn’t…

But this is a bizarre album. The music sounds like a cliché of what Japanese music should sound like.
I read the liner notes and I now understand the music.
The music was written by an English composer, Dorothy Guyver Britton, that lived in Japan until she was 13.She left before the war and returned after.
It is Japanese music for western sensibilities. We have all heard this music when watching a movie and a sinister Japanese character comes onto the screen.
If you see this in the record bin of a local Goodwill or Salvation Army, don’t buy it.

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