Weekly Vinyl – Wish You Were Here

11 Apr


Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd

In reality what is there to say or write about this album.
One can argue about how good it is compared to other Pink Floyd albums.
One can whine, as many do, about the self-indulgent nature of the music. It is Pink Floyd. You are listening to it because it is self-indulgent.
I know. Even though I had a legit copy of this album, I bought a bootleg copy of this album. It was made by the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Russia. I know this because they put a copyright symbol on the cover. They claim a copyright of 1991 for the album.
The cover is similar to the original but much different.
It is a bad copy. I bought it because I could.
The album is lush, thoughtful, introspective and yes, self-indulgent. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you find it and have a listen.
It will do you good.

The pictures at the top are of the original album – front and back.
Below is the offending copy.


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