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Weekly Wine – Barefoot

12 Mar

SONY DSCBarefoot Merlot
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I never knew that it was possible to buy an under ten dollar bottle of California wine in Ontario. It is nice to know that you can.
This is a fairly good wine. It is not superb though.
It is very dry and not too pleasant. I initially thought this was because I had some almonds before having my first sips. So I wait a bit, clean the palate and have a few more sips.
The subsequent sips of wine go down much better, but there still is a hint of bitterness in the finish. I save this bottle for the next day and that bitter finish is still there at the end. So it was not the almonds after all.
This wine takes a bit of getting used to. I realized that it is quite fruity once I dealt with the bitterness. I started to understand that this wine was a bit more complex that I was expecting. There are a lot of interesting flavours here in this bottle. It takes a bit of time for these flavours to assert themselves.
Once these flavours come out, this wine hits its stride. It is a good interesting wine that will hold its own with wines that cost twice as much.


10 Mar

Lake Ontario is quite stunning in winter. The beach is covered in deep snow and ice. The waves constantly pound the ice formations on the shore. It is a wonderful place for a Sunday walk.

Weekly Wine – Merlot

8 Mar

SONY DSCNavip Merlot Dionis
13% ABV
$8.10 (LCBO)

This wine has a peculiar dryness to it. It is not a horrible dryness. It is not particularly bad.
It is dry.
There is no mistake about the dryness. There are no fruity flavours, The label states that there is “a hint of liquorice and sour cherry.”
It is dry. Whatever hints there are are over powered by the dryness.
The dryness comes with a hint of harshness to it. It is a forceful presence. If this wine was a shape it would be a cube. There are no subtleties with this wine.
It is dry.
That being said – this wine is OK. I’ve had worse wines for more money. There is really nothing too bad with this wine. You can taste the fact that it is not an upper caste wine.
It is OK.
It is meant to be drunk.
It is dry.

Weekly Vinyl – Chris Spedding

8 Mar

Friday the 13th
Chris Spedding
I bought this album after I saw Chris Spedding play a concert in Edmonton many moons ago. Spedding was touring with John Cale and I was in Edmonton visiting friends and partaking in some skiing in the Rockies. It was an excellent concert.
The concert featured music that was not on this album. I remember being initially slightly disappointed with this album because it was not the experimental music I had heard at the concert. After listening some more I really started to like this album. I still do.
This is a great bar-room band album. I honestly do not know why every cover band in the world does not play Spedding’s song Guitar Jamboree. He shows his versatility by mimicking a bunch of different guitarists in one song – Why no other guitar slingers do this as part of their act is a mystery to me.
Chris Spedding is a great guitarist, this is a great album. I’m happy to get reacquainted with it

Sunday Lille

2 Mar

Sunday afternoon and Lille is closed, quiet and great for a stroll.