Weekly Vinyl – Songs of Leonard Cohen

28 Mar

Songs of Leonard Cohen
I discovered something when I pulled out the vinyl record from the paper sleeve.
The words.
They are printed on heavy stock paper, 9.5 by 12.5 inches, folded in half.
I never new this. This is fantastic.
But it does not overshadow the lyrics and music of this, Leonard Cohen’s debut album.
I love being reintroduced to his words and music – the combination of, like a good cocktail.
Every song here harkens back to a good time.
Singing these songs in the company of others or solo.
Singing these songs and trying to make them sound just like on the album and then taking a break, slinging the electric guitar over the shoulder, plugging in the distortion and turning the amp up to 11 (the way Suzanne is really meant to be played and sung).
Passing off into a beautiful slumber as the songs play melodically in the background.
Listening to this music while contemplating real or imagined problems – and finding the solutions.
Yes. I’m a fan. You should be to.
If there is one criticism I could make it is this: For anyone who has ever saw fit to take ink to paper (or carpal tunnelled knuckle to keyboard) and write (especially song writing), this album will make you humble, and realize the genius of Leonard Cohen.

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