Weekly Wine – Aveleda

26 Mar

SONY DSCAveleda Vinho Verde Fonte
$8.95 (LCBO)

As soon as I cracked this bottle open I knew I was making a big blunder.
This is a Portuguese Vinho Verde. This is very young wine and what is properly termed as effervescence – bubbles. Tiny bubbles.
Traditionally the wine is not carbonated but the effervescence comes from malolactic fermentation, a secondary fermentation that naturally occurs in the bottle. Now the stuff has a bit of good ole’ CO2 pumped in.
I like these wines because they tend to be light, low alcohol and quite refreshing on a hot summer day when drunk cold. Room temperature in a coldish basement is not the best way to present this wine.
Be that as it may I poured a glass and had my way.
Right off the bat, I got these earthy tones and major off flavours. The wine needed to be chilled. A while in the freezer and it got to a suitable temperature.
This wine fared better when cooler, but a nice hot summer day would have made it even better.

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