Musing block unblocked

26 Mar

I’ve not put down a musing since December 23.
This is for the reason I mentioned in that blog, and in passages dropped in with other entries here.
Ukraine. I’m preoccupied and horrified with the events there. I’m at once hopeful, despondent, enraged, resigned, but mostly I feel powerless. I go to the demonstrations. Do the Twitter storm thing.
Not much use against tanks and guns.
I’m not alone here though. I speak with my friends and they are all teetering. Spending every moment they can keeping up with events, discarding the lies and mistruths, and reading analysis. We all admit that with work, family and the following of events in Ukraine, there is not much time for anything else.
One theme, for me, has emerged form all this turmoil.
People need to take action and keep their elected representatives, I will not call them elected leaders since that is just plain wrong, on a short leash. How far off are we from really getting a government similar to Yanukovich’s regime in Ukraine or Putin’s in Russia?
To be completely honest it is some way off, but the US had G.W. Bush, who made some wacky decisions, and other democratic countries, including Canada, have been failed by their elected officials.
The fact that that my city, Toronto, has Rob Ford, crack Mayor for those that are unsure, is an abomination. The fact that he enjoys a great amount of support is bizarre. It also explains how despots seize and hold power.
I ain’t going to be setting up any barricades any time soon but I will be writing letters to the politicians.
It’s a clichĂ©, the pen is mightier than the sword, but that is all I have.

For now.



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