Weekly Vinyl – Kraftwerk

21 Mar


The album starts of with these subtle pops. I initially think, “Oh lord. I hope the album is not scratched.” This though was immediately followed by the though, “Why would the album be scratched?”
Then I remembered this was Kraftwerk. I closed my eyes and let the music envelop me.
The first song, Geiger Counter, is fantastic. It, to my mind, encapsulates the Kraftwerk sound. Yes, there is the metronomic digital rhythm. Yes, there is the sparseness of sound and melody. Yes, there is this standoffish feeling that the performers are not really “into it.”
But the soul of the music. There is massive amounts of this as well.
It is a juxtaposition of two opposing forces. It is a contradiction that should not be able to succeed.
Yet it works. Not just in the first song. But with the whole album. And with their whole musical career..


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