Weekly Wine – Barefoot

12 Mar

SONY DSCBarefoot Merlot
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I never knew that it was possible to buy an under ten dollar bottle of California wine in Ontario. It is nice to know that you can.
This is a fairly good wine. It is not superb though.
It is very dry and not too pleasant. I initially thought this was because I had some almonds before having my first sips. So I wait a bit, clean the palate and have a few more sips.
The subsequent sips of wine go down much better, but there still is a hint of bitterness in the finish. I save this bottle for the next day and that bitter finish is still there at the end. So it was not the almonds after all.
This wine takes a bit of getting used to. I realized that it is quite fruity once I dealt with the bitterness. I started to understand that this wine was a bit more complex that I was expecting. There are a lot of interesting flavours here in this bottle. It takes a bit of time for these flavours to assert themselves.
Once these flavours come out, this wine hits its stride. It is a good interesting wine that will hold its own with wines that cost twice as much.

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