Weekly Wine – Pebbles

19 Feb

SONY DSCPelee Pebbles Vidal Hibernal
$9.45 (LCBO)
I finally found one. A bottle of sub-ten dollar wine from Canada that is good. I’ve always wondered why Ontario, the province of my residence, just does not produce a good cheap wine. This wine from the southernmost point in Canada, Pelee Island, is quite fruity and not very light. It has a strong yellowish colour and is quite robust now that I think about it. It has presence. It has character. It does not have any harshness when drinking it or any bizarre acidic after taste. It is a nice wine. I even let it get to room temperature and it was still fine to drink. Which leads me to remember a good joke that I heard Mitch Hedberg say – “Every temperature in a room is room temperature.” Some inexpensive wine gets quite deplorable when the chill goes off. This wine gets a bit more fruitier and more robust.




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