Weekly Vinyl – Comes a Time

7 Feb

Comes aTime
Neil Young
When I randomly picked this album, I thought the review would be easy. A cakewalk.
After all, I know this album very well. I’ve had it for many years. The album is a classic. A piece of cake to review.
Well, not really. I had forgotten how good this album is. A mix of countryish tunes. Some rock and roll. Whimsical folk. I was listening for a weak song. Nothing doing. Each song is great. Some are more well known than others, but it is quite telling that out of the 10 songs on this disk, five are classics (this includes the Ian Tyson “Four Strong Winds” cover Neil does.)
This album was one of my guitar teachers in high school. I could play most of the songs on this album on my bannana-necked guitar. I knew a few chords and I could play along with Neil. What’s better than that. I recall ineffectively serenading a objects of my affection with the songs “Look Out For My Love” and “Comes a Time” among others.
Although this album is quite mellow and laid back there are hints of what is to come next in Neil Young’s musical odyssey. You can only hear this if you know that after this album come the sonic assault in the forms of the albums Rust Never Sleeps and Live Rust. You can hear the subtleties of noise yearning to breakout in the background of “Look Out For My Love” and “Motorcycle Mama.”

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