Weekly Wine – Kangaroo

5 Feb

SONY DSCHardys Stamp Series Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon
14% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I was actually surprised to see that this wine was under 10 bucks. I thought that this wine was at a much higher level … at least 12 bucks.
And in fact it tastes much like a 12 buck wine. Just that oh so much more finer than something for a measly ten spot.
For a wine with shiraz it is quite light in body and in taste. I know that it can’t be just simply watered down wine because it is at 14 per cent alcohol, which is quite high, and also it is very smooth with a very nicely complete flavour. There is no complexity in the flavour. The label states that it “displays rich mulberry/cherry fruit, integrated vanillin oak …” Sure – the slightly aged cherryness and fruitiness are there but not much other flavours are swirling around in this soup. It is a simple flavour. It is a good flavour.
The label is nice and classy and not too kitchy so it would make a nice wine to bring over for a casual dinner engagement without it screaming CHEAP.

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