Weekly Wine – Trapiche

15 Jan

SONY DSCTrapiche Malbec
13.5% ABV
$9.45 (LCBO)

I bought this wine last year. In 2013 to be exact. I did not unscrew it till 2014.
Two things here.
First off. Unscrew it has such a bad, bad atmosphere about it. It has a connotation of cheapness. Of sordid sexual impotency. Of regret, shame and loathing.
We must make up a better term because “uncorking” is so a few years ago and simply saying “open” is lame.
Suggestions can be: Untwisted; Decapped; I freed the wine from it’s see through dungeon…
The second being is that this wine is of a 2013 vintage and drinking a vintage in the same year it was bottled seems a bit presumptuous to me. The way I figure – I might as well be eating the grape.
The wine is fine. Even though I had been indulging in spicy foods, the wine came through nicely without after tastes and declared that it did have something original to offer. It is a Malbec grape so the wine’s flavour does stand out – this is a nice thing.

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