Weekly Vinyl – Moog

5 Jan

Everything you always wanted to hear on the Moog *
*but were afraid to ask for
“Semi-conducted by Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z. Shepard”

This is an irritating album. A great novelty item, but really not a good listen. I’m being rather generous. This is a horrendously bad album… but an interesting one.
This recording is from 1973 – the time when electronic music is making its jump from experimentation to mainstream acceptance. There was lots of great music that spanned these two divides. Some suit decided to cash in and got a music producer and a music scientist to recreate some classical music on an electrical synthesizer. Since the instrument, the synthesizer can only play one note at a time, there was a lot of multi-track work involved. It was all a waste of time.
Ravel’s Bolero makes up one of the sides of the disk. If you listen to this recording twice in a row you will have nightmares … for a week.
The less said about Side 1, the one without Bolero, the better.
This is an excellent album to play to chase guests out of your home.



One Response to “Weekly Vinyl – Moog”


  1. Norwegia - March 13, 2014


    Kazdy potrafi wspolczua cierpieniom przyjaciela. Ale cieszenie sie jego sukcesem wymaga charakteru wysokiej klasy. Oscar Wilde.

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