Weekly Wine – XOXO

25 Dec

SONY DSCXOXO Shiraz Cabernet
Canada (Kinda)
13% ABV
95 (LCBO)

As I took the first few sips of this wine I thought to my self – Not bad, not interesting wine but quite inoffensive with no harsh over tones or aftertastes.
Then I read the label and I got rather upset.
This wine is made from “Imported and domestic” grapes – so they were grown somewhere on this earth I suppose as viticulture in outer space is not yet developed.
It is cellared in either Kelowna, British Columbia, Grimsby, Ontario or Truro, Nova Scotia. No one knows.
This is marketing wine with a nice label and cute name. It has been engineered to be inoffensive and agreeable. At the $10 price point I realize that I should not be expecting too much.
There are better wines out there.
There are more interesting wines out there.
There are cheaper wines out there.
There are many wines which share all three above characteristics an yet have a provenience that is not a mystery.
This company can’t even tell me where it was cellared!

The more I think about it – the worse the wine tastes.



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