Weekly Vinyl – Neuromantic

13 Dec

Yukihiro Takahashi






This is a brilliant album. About half a year ago I reviewed Klaus Schulze`s Dune and noted that, although it is definitely in the experimental-electric realm of music, it is a worthy precursor to the electro-pop that we listen to now.
Well the good stuff anyway.
Takahashi`s music is the bridge between the two worlds- pop and experimental. He was a key member of Japan`s Yellow Magic Orchestra that did as much for modern music as Kraftwerk but has never gotten the credit, nor the legendary status, that the German band garners.
How great is this album? It is still fresh even after 30 some years. The songs could be newly minted. In fact, the first song on this album, “Glass”, has a riff that sounds like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. For real.
It is an album that one could dance to. One wants to dance. But it is also one that one has to listen carefully to. There is great musicianship here. There are great textures in the music – especially where the analogue and digital sounds interplay with each other.
A glorious album – listen to it if you can.

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