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Weekly Vinyl – Psychedelic Furs

8 Nov

Forever Now
The Psychedelic Furs
Great band. Great album, great music.
Honestly there is not one song here that I would consider weak. A brilliant mix of pop-like tunes, good melodies and a brilliant cynical vocal that are perfectly suited the post-punk music scene.
The lyrics are biting, but are resigned to cynical observation and snarls. There is no call for revolution. The attitude is more about surviving the times. Not much has changed in the 3o-so years since the album was recorded.
It is hard for me to judge this album because I really like it. The music has aged well but it has a vibe of the 80s about it. This is a good vintage but I’m not sure how the album would be accepted by newer listeners. I have not heard saxophone playing like you will on this album in any new songs for ages.
A great album.


Weekly Wine – Oggi

6 Nov

SONY DSCOggi Botter Pinot Grigio
12% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Some would call the colour of this wine muted, subtle, discrete. Others would say it is colourless, weak, watered down. I’d say the colour is uninspiring. But it does reflect the wines character.
All the descriptions of the colour of the wine can be transferred to describe the flavour and the feeling one gets when drinking the wine.
There’s a surprising initial bite to the wine but that quickly fades to a melange of flavours that don’t really sit well on my tongue. Time for another sip. And another.
This wine works well on a hot day when really chilled – which is typical for a lot of white wines in this price bracket. I’ve had better and worse.

But I do love this wine’s label – it is a knock-out.




The real cost of the NSA surveillance program

4 Nov

We all “knew” that the “government” was listening in to our conversations.
We all “knew” that the “government” was monitoring our texts and emails.
So now, thanks to WikiLeaks, Snowden and all. We kinda have the proof.
But we kinda knew it all along. We kinda suspected it. The conspiroristas that live amongst us were trumpeting these actions against our personal privacy.
But they were/are freaks. They also tell me that the contrails of jets formed by the condensation of water, the trails that we see in the sky, are actually poisons/chemicals that are part of a government/corporate conspiracy to control the populace.
But now… I see… The true effects of the government surveillance program.
It happened as I was passing out sweets to the children that were massing on Halloween.
There were many children. I was running out of candy. The consequences were unthinkable.
I was going to text a note to my better half – “Get here quick. Need to re-up the stash.”
I never sent this missive since I was afraid that the “government” would think I was a drug dealer. Not a candy dispenser.
Self-censorship – that is the first nail in the coffin of democracy and a free society.
And it hit me squarely in the head.


3 Nov


I found this eagle while purging my computer of useless files. I totally forgot I had this picture.
It was taken when the family and I went to Parc Omega outside of Montebello in Quebec.  There was a birds of prey show and these birds flew inches above the visitors’ heads. I was lucky to get this picture of the eagle as it was circling to do another run at us.


Weekly Vinyl – Janis Joplin

1 Nov

Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits
Janis Joplin

This album has all the hits of the illustrious, too short, musical legacy of Janice Joplin.
There should be more songs. This should be a double album.
I see this album frequently in the record bins of various Goodwills and at garage sales. It is such a shame to toss this masterpiece. Sure, perhaps they got rid of their turntable and now are enjoying it digitally. What a silly concept.
I love her voice. I love how unrefined yet precise it is. She hits notes with such ease and power it puts the current crop of autotuned divas to shame. Janis is one person I would like to see come back and belt out a tune or two at a one of those singing shows. I would actually watch one of these shows just to see if they could meld this woman’s energy into a bland pop princess.
I’m glad I pulled this record out. It is not going back onto my basement record shelf. I’ll take it up and play it loudly – for the kids.