11 Nov

It is still technically Remembrance day where I am from – Toronto. In Paris, where I am, it is now the 12th. It had slipped my mind that I would be in France for this day.
As it happened on the 10th of November, unplanned happenstance found me in Ypers Belgium – a place where there was much fighting.
First Battle of Ypers – 127,000 to 162,00 Belgian, French and British soldiers died while German losses were about 20,000 killed and 32,000 missing. The Second Battle of Ypers, the allies had about 70,000 casualties versus German casualties of 35,000. The Third Battle, also called the Battle of  Passchendaele, there losses were greater than all – allies, between 200,000 – 448,614. German 217,000 – 410,000.
There are disputes to some of the numbers but no one doubt the calamity of battle here and the massive loss of life.
Many Canadians perished in the Second and Third battles.
The monument to the Belgian, French, Canadian, Newfoundland, British, Australian, Indian, New Zealand, and South African soldiers who died and have no grave is very moving. a little of-put that I had
I was forgotten my camera – but on reflection, the memory of me being here is much more powerful than any photograph that I would have taken.

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