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Weekly Wine — GatoNegro

10 Oct

SONY DSCGatoNegro – Cabernet Sauvignon

$8.95 (LCBO)
13.5% ABV

Years ago I used to love this wine. It was good wine at a good price. What could be better.
Then it all went sour for me when I saw this exact wine for sale in a gas station on the outskirts of Gdansk, Poland. What struck was not the fact that this is a type of wine that would be sold in gas stations but the image of this wine, and winery, as a truly colossal conglomerate spewing out unimaginable quantities of wine.
At that point in time, I liked to think of wineries in a traditional, clichéd no doubt, image – a mom-and-pop type operation that is passed down through generations and each batch of wine fretted over by fastidious artisans.
That dream was shattered there. I realized what the wine industry is. It did not stop me from drinking wine. I just did not go to GatoNegro for a few years. Until now…
It is a very nice wine that is dry with a bit of a tart finish. I actually enjoyed this wine – like meeting up with an old friend after not seeing them for a while.

Fall evening

6 Oct

The evening light was fading to night. The Fall season was in the air.
I was on a bridge over a part of the Magnettawan River in Ontario.
I switched the camera to manual and guesstimated the time, f-stop and ISO settings.
This was the first picture I took.


Weekly Vinyl – Belle Stars

4 Oct

Sign of the Times / Madness
Belle Stars
There was an old school DJ I used to do some work for many, many moons ago. I believe that when he was ditching his vinyl, in the days when this was the thing many people did, I picked this disk up. Not sure why. Perhaps because it was facing backwards in the box and I just saw the word Madness and assumed it was the band Madness.
I was wrong about that.
What madness.
When I put this maxi-single on my record player I think that it is the first time I ever played this record. When the first notes sounded I switched the speed from 33+1/3 rpm to the proper 45rpm as demanded by this disk.
Listening to the song Sign of the Times I recalled hearing it about 30 years ago. I think it was popular. What struck me the most is that it is not to much different than some of the pop you hear on the radio these days. It is actually a very fine little dance/pop ditty.
The song Madness, which most likely is the reason I own this disk, is quite forgettable. I just listened to it not five minutes ago and have absolutely nothing to say about it – nothing positive nor negative. I just played it again and tuned out in the middle. What a strange song.

Weekly Wine — Trapiche

2 Oct

SONY DSCTraphice Cabernet Sauvignon

$9.45 (LCBO)
13.5% ABV

Another fine Australian wine under the magic ten spot. And it is a good one. I bought this bottle ant took it over to a friends. I got a complement because they have this tendency to believe that I am a plonk fanatic. I was actually going to bring a different bottle of wine but there was a mix-up and this was presented, consumed and complemented.
The wine is nice with some subtle flavours and even though the label says it contains sulfites I was hard pressed to taste them. I was actually surprised that this wine was so good. I remember that this wine was just OK a few years back. Perhaps the 2012 “vintage” year was good in Argentina and that years wines will be good.
I must try some more.