Weekly Vinyl – Slim Whitman

18 Oct

Songs I Love to Sing
Slim Whitman
I got this album for one reason only.
To protect myself, and my loved ones, from Martian attacks.
It was Slim Whitman’s yodelling voice that caused the Martian heads to explode in Mars Attacks! It was a very good movie and who was I to argue with the logic. I have listened to this album several times back to back and my head is about to explode. It is very romantic/shmaltzy music here.
This is an album of standards of the time. Reading the producer’s notes on the back cover of this album he explains that there are a few of Whitman’s hits and some other hits that he has admired.
The album has the sound of middle-of-the-road North American AM radio of the early to mid-seventies – just as rock-and-roll was taking over. The album was released in 1980 – as punk was breaking out. Timing is everything.
There is no doubt Mr. Whitman has a great voice. I love the yodelling. He does not do it enough on this album. I want more yodelling.

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