Weekly Wine — Trapiche

2 Oct

SONY DSCTraphice Cabernet Sauvignon

$9.45 (LCBO)
13.5% ABV

Another fine Australian wine under the magic ten spot. And it is a good one. I bought this bottle ant took it over to a friends. I got a complement because they have this tendency to believe that I am a plonk fanatic. I was actually going to bring a different bottle of wine but there was a mix-up and this was presented, consumed and complemented.
The wine is nice with some subtle flavours and even though the label says it contains sulfites I was hard pressed to taste them. I was actually surprised that this wine was so good. I remember that this wine was just OK a few years back. Perhaps the 2012 “vintage” year was good in Argentina and that years wines will be good.
I must try some more.

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