Weekly Vinyl – Ceramic Hello

29 Sep

The absence of a canary
Ceramic Hello
This is a strange one. I have no Idea how it ended up in my collection. It is electronic music. Kind of pop but not really. It has compelling elements in it but none of the songs really stand out.
It seems to be a post New Wave concept album. Some songs clock in at half-a-minute — Converation between Units, which is a rollicking carnival like tune. Some are less but most are in the standurd un four minute frame.
I love the sound of the old synthesizers. I love the rawness of the electronics. There is no sampling, no digital sheen. It is electronica — but a dirty electronica. There are no crisp metronomic beats. This is a brooding album. Unfortunately the vocals are heavily processed and it is difficult to understand what the man is on about.


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