Weekly Wine – Solas

25 Sep

SONY DSCOsborne Solaz Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon
13.5% ABV
$11.45 (LCBO)

I guess times are hard in Spain. This bottle used to be under ten bucks. It is two bucks more now and is the first wine in this series that crosses the ten-dollar threshold. This wine is dry and has an initial dryness which blossoms into a dry mouth quickly.  I seem to recall that this wine was better — more pleasant to quaff on a fall day.
I suppose the financial crisis in Spain is taking a toll on the vintners — prices going up and the quality going down. They did redesign the label but that is hardly worth the cost. I don’t mind shelling out the extra few dollars but I want a nice wine. This wine is a bit of a disappointment. It used to be one of my go to wines but now it is off that list. This is not a nasty undrinkable wine — it just literally leaves a bad taste in my mouth. For this price, and below, there are better more pleasant wines.

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