Weekly Vinyl – Sibelius

21 Sep

An Hour with Sibelius
Berlin Symphony Orchestra

I got this well used record years ago when I read somewhere that Mike Oldfield was a fan of Sibelius. I got two or three records but I pulled this one out to listen to.
The music is very sentimental. It is sweeping and rolls on and on, undulating in a vastness of melodrama. It doesn’t grab me at all. I was listening for a hook. A period of music where there is drama and tension. Not so much.
Is it me, or is this music? Should I be listening to this on a cold wintry day staring out into an abyss of white emptiness? Is the mediocre Spanish wine that I am drinking while listening having a bad effect on my aural sensibilities?
I read the liner notes and it promises, “Gradually the music works up to a great climax…”

I was waiting for this.
But alas, it never came.


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