Weekly Wine – Farnese

18 Sep

SONY DSCFarnese Negroamaro
13.5% ABV
$8.25 (LCBO)

Just as I think I won’t find any more bottles of wine under ten bucks out pops another. At $8.25 it must be a bargain.
Not really.
Even though I was distracted when I took the first sips of this wine, I immediately got a feeling that something was not spot on. It is the immediate flavour.
It is quite harsh, abrupt. Unforgiving.
I took another sip. And another. A bigger sip. Then a gulp.
Nope — I was not getting used to the wine.
It is not exactly bad homemade wine but close.
I let it breath a bit. The edge was still there — it is not going away.
I’m not sure if it is the sulphites or the type of grapes used to make this wine, but something is giving this wine a bucketful of character. You might not like the character but the price is definitely tempting.
The label however is a very classy and modern looking which makes the temptation even greater.
I was tempted once, but I won’t be again.



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