Weekly Vinyl – Rickie Lee Jones

6 Sep

The Magazine
Rickie Lee Jones
This album is best listened to on a rainy fall day, when one is distracted by the clouds scuttling by. That’s the image I get as I sit listening to this forlorn album.
I would like to like the moodiness of this album. I imagine that I have been in the place where the album was written from — at a crossroads of your life, sense of betrayal, the feeling of isolation.
All that.
I always had a sense of humour about it. There is no humour in this album. There is no sense of irony. Self-deprecation.
It is a very serious album, yet this seriousness is too serious and so this album is seriously gloomy and nearly unlistenable.
The arrangements are occasionally interesting and pleasant, but this is rare.
The album is like a fall storm, interesting for a while but you do want it to end.


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