Weekly Wine – Reif Vidal

4 Sep

12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

A Canadian VQA wine that is under ten bucks. Not bad.
I actually drank this wine on Canada Day. But I won’t be dropping too much patriotic fervour here. I definitely will not be writing about hockey.
The label is very formal looking and seems like it belongs on a wine that would cost more than this selection.
The wine is fruity without being overly so. The wine has subtle flavours that verge on tastelessness. It is a hard wine to describe. There is a nasty aftertaste that stands out and is a bit troubling as it imparts a feeling of cheapness. Well it is inexpensive wine after all. The aftertaste is really a problem as it diminishes this wine. Even when chilled to the appropriate temperature the taste is there. Would the taste have disappeared if I had frozen it? Who knows? Do I want to spend another ten bucks to find out? That’s a question.
Perhaps the nastiness was a result that I had the wine with pork and not with the grilled chicken or pasta salad as was recommended on the label.
This wine hovers just above the level of being a bad wine as the nasty aftertaste stands out in the subtleness of the fruity melange.



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