And now for something completely the same

2 Sep

I am a self confessed news junkie. I love reading about current events- close to home and far away.
This obsession, of course, leads to depression.
“Same shit – different day,” is an old expression that is used by many.
Truly nothing on the news really shocks anymore. A mayor (allegedly) using crack or groping female co-workers. Well why not. A massacre here or there. Heard about it before.
I’ve had this feeling since before the first Gulf War in 1991. I was in a bar when there was a news flash that Iraq had invaded Kuwait. As a news junkie I informed my companions that this was not good for the world. Everyone dismissed it. 20 or so years later we are still living in the muck that invasion created.
But this is not about world events – but that nothing has really changed in the last 25 years.
We’ve gotten older, fatter but none the wiser. Lurching from one crisis to the next. Hopping from one scandal to the other. Thank the Lord for sports and entertainment news. But even that is dreary and does not stimulate excitement nor entertain nor allows for escapism.
This summer I have had periods where I was cocooned without the news (no Internet, TV or Radio) and I survived – maybe even flourished.
I’ll have to instil some rules and discipline into my creative grotto to curb these doldrums of society and concentrate an a future where you can definitely say – “And now for something completely different.”

With apologies to Monty Python.


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