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Weekly Vinyl – Big Science

9 Aug

Big Science
Laurie Anderson


It is fashionable to say that some piece of music, or movie, or event, changed your life forever. I don’t believe in that simplistic view of humanity.
I do remember sitting riveted in place when I first heard Laurie Anderson’s O Superman (For Massenet). My mind was blown. I quickly acquired the album and listened to the whole thing. Amazing stuff. This was in the day when radio DJs were not robots and they would often play something that the listener needed to hear. And we needed to hear this.
It is still a wonderful collection of music 30 years later. The sparse sound is filled with soul and emotion. Each note leads into the next perfectly. The array of musical textures you get on this album is overwhelming, from raspy synthesisers to hear-wrenching violins. This album is a masterpiece.

Weekly Wine – Misterio

7 Aug

SONY DSCMisterio Malbec
13.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

This could just be a four word review — I like this wine. I really do. I like the Malbec grape. It has this nice spicy quality to it. There is no aftertaste. There are no lingering flavours that spoil the experience of drinking this wine. It is a simple wine with very little complexity. A fine drinking wine if you will.
It is a damn sight better than the Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon I wrote about on the 29th of May. But I liked that wine too. This one is better. I like the spiciness of this wine. It has a sharp distinct bite on the tongue as one drinks it. It is not unpleasant and tells you that you are consuming something interesting.
It is inexpensive and most people in Ontario know that fact since we all shop at the LCBO. No one has ever brought this wine when we host people because of the price point. You don’t want to bring “cheap” wine. But…If it was five bucks more people would bring it because it would be more respectable as a gift. The wine would be the same. But don’t raise the price please. I like it the way it is.


5 Aug

I remember reading a short story as a child about heat. I can’t remember the title or who wrote it but it was about a hot summer night and a man visiting another man in the workshop.
I’m in a similar situation now, all except a man visiting me in a workshop. However wherever my computer is plugged in and I’m writing is my workshop. So there is an analogy there. No one is visiting me though…
It is hot. The air conditioner has packed up and it is 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) in the apartment where I am currently residing. It is slightly cooler outside. But not much cooler.
It is late at night, the promised internet connection does not work. I am a bundle of sweat and the only thing keeping me going is the cheap cold white wine that I have beside me.
That’s actually not true.
What’s keeping me going is that I am sane – not the wine – that is just lubrication for the soul.
What I remember about the short story was that it was so hot that the protagonists were on the edge of their sanity – and it was not clear what the result of their meeting was. A fight? A murder? Nothing? Perhaps they shared some cheap cold white wine? And had a sing song?

Now that would be insane.

Sign of decorum

4 Aug

I saw this sign and said “What the f#@*ing h%&l.” Then I got it… the meaning.

I started cursing anew. In a language that was not English

Weekly Vinyl – Paperlate

2 Aug

Genesis (Phil Collins)


I want to know where this EP came from. I want to know how it ended up in my collection. I want to know why was I cursed to pull this out. Why did I listen to it?
I knew what it was going to sound like. It is like going to McDonalds for a “meal”. You know the flavour and the aftertastes before stepping into the place. You know how you will feel after consuming the “food”. You know how you will feel when you digest that which you ate.
Without getting to deeply involved — Phil Collins is a great drummer — one of the best. Genesis is a great band responsible for some great music.
This was not one of their shining moments.
How did this get into my collection?