Weekly Wine – Fuzion Rose

28 Aug

Fuzion RoseFuzion Shiraz Rose
13% ABV
$7.90 (LCBO)

Red Fuzion wine, reviewed April 24 in this blog, set the inexpensive wine world alight when it was introduced a few years back. Inexpensive wines became tolerated in rarefied circles. So will Fuzion’s entry into the Rose sphere do the same? (There is a white wine I think, but I have not gotten to it yet.)

There is a reason that Fuzion will not have the sane impact on the rose market as it had on the red wine market. Inexpensive and moderately priced wines dominate the rose market. At best this wine will make a ripple in the marketplace.

And to be fair, this wine is fair. It is a light rose that is refreshing and has no real nasty aftertastes. It is OK. It has to be said that I have never had an excellent rose. They have always been either good or bad. Off or on. No matter what the price point. I have had much worse rose wines that have cost twice the price of this on.

Fusion is a rose. It is a good rose. It is a good rose that is very inexpensive.

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