Surfing Blues

8 Jul

I have not been on the Internet much lately because I have received warnings from my provider that I have exceeded the limit. We are disputing these charges. I do not download movies, music, games or whatever much and yet I have a usage on 13GB downloaded in one day. The other days are 8 and 9 GB of downloads. That did not happen.
It has been eerie not rushing to the Interweb for the last couple of days. Almost strange. I, we (my whole family was also subjugates in the Internet slowdown) are surviving. And gloriously so.
What we don’t have we don’t need. I never thought cutting oneself off from endless surfing would be so easy. So painless.
We should all try this.
The irony is, of course, that I am posting this online. I realize the irony. The amount of bandwith used to post this is miniscule. That’s my justification. Enjoy…

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