Weekly Vinyl – The other Bruce

5 Jul

Waiting for a Miracle – Singles 1970-87
Bruce Cockburn


I haven’t heard Bruce Cockburn for ages. He seems to have slipped from the consciousness of Canadians. After listening to this album twice, I really can’t imagine why this is.
I am calling Cockburn Canada’s Bruce. The United States has Bruce Springsteen, we have Bruce Cockburn. I understand that most of humanity will be adamant that our Bruce won’t top the other Bruce — so the question one has to ask oneself is, “Is our Bruce a lesser Bruce, an equal to that other Bruce.”
This album demonstrates that our Bruce is an equal to the other one, at least in the 17 years between 1970 and 1987. There are 22 songs in this collection and each is excellent. The songs show the great versatility of Cockburn’s song writing skills, ranging from folk through rock to pop. And no one has ever, to my mind, written such great songs about a car accident, Tokyo, or military hardware, If I Had a Rocket Launcher.
I am really impressed with this rediscovery. I’ll definitely look him up on the Internet and see what he is up to now.


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