Weekly Wine – Garnacha

5 Jun

SONY DSCBeso De Vino Old Garnacha
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)
A corked wine is a rarity these days. Well at this price point anyways. So if you want to impress with a reasonably priced wine — here’s one. And it’s Spanish. Not the “new world” stuff. To underscore that it is old world it has what I assume to be a conquistador on the label. It might be a crusader. It might be Sir Lancelot – but probably isn’t.
This wine impresses not just with the cork, providence or label. It is a good wine. It got 89 points with The Wine Advocate. “Stunning value,” says Jay Miner. This is all on a label on the throat. I’m not sure who Jay is but I know that The Wine Advocate is a magazine.
I’m assuming 89 is a good rating. Would I give it 11 points shy of perfection? (I’m assuming the scale is based on a score out of 100. I could check but it is late and I’m drinking wine and writing. I’m not going to interrupt my flow by searching for facts.)
You get a hint of the sulphites. The wine comes in strong but mellows out nicely on the second and third taste. It is a nice wine. I am not used to hyperbole so I would not go so far as to call this wine stunning or judge it just shy of perfection. This wine is good. A very suitable bottle to take to any event — or to drink late at night, alone, while writing.

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