An apple is an apple

27 May

I was a parental escort on one of my child’s school trips of dubious educational value when I happened upon a “healthy snack bar” that is supposed to give you an alternative the processed food you get at the “traditional” fast food places.

They had a bagged apple for $1.75 if I recall correctly. Not a whole apple but a few slices of apple. As I’m writing this I wish I had taken a picture of this. Instead, I found a picture of this abomination on the web. (This is not the manufacturer of this product that I saw but it is very similar.)
Perhaps I am naïve but why can’t they sell a whole apple? Without the plastic packaging? Without the carbon dioxide to keep the sliced apple from turning a brown-grey colour? If memory serves me properly an apple is already packaged appropriately. An apple’s package is so bio-degradable that it can be digested. And should be since all the vitamins are in the skin as we all know.
I was baffled by this “healthy choice.” My child shrugged his shoulders and went off site and had poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds). I had a Gyros.
This is not what was for sale at the “healthy snack bar but very similar.
Whole apples are unhealthy I suppose.

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