Sparks and snuggling

22 May

It has been a busy few days. The Toronto mayor, my mayor, who is an embarrassment on a good day is allegedly videotaped smoking crack. Canada’s Prime Minister is embroiled in another controversy involving cronyism. This one will stick to him. The US is mired in stagnation and who knows what is going on in Europe or anywhere else these days.

However, the highlight of my weekend was when I saw pigeons copulating. Right on my neighbours garage roof. It was Victoria Day in Toronto, Canada on Monday— the first long-weekend of the summer. A day when cottage owners are stuck battling traffic to get home and the “Summer Homeless” are at home finishing spring cleaning and getting ready for the simmer.

We were enjoying dinner when the kids noticed two pigeons pecking at each other — kissing. That lasted for a good 20 minutes before one mounted the other for about 5 seconds and they went back to pecking each other and then ignoring each other.

That evening there were fireworks and a thunderstorm.


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