Weekly Wine – Castaño

15 May

SONY DSCBodegas Castaño La Casona Monastrell

13.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Nice first taste. Rather pleasant but a little bit dry. Well, it is dry read wine after all. This wine is subtle. It is very nice, with food or solo imbibing. After my second glass I felt flushed. Don’t know if it is the wine, the music I’m listening to (Jack White), or the time of the day. (Very late or very early depending on your perspective.)  The wine leaves a little bit at the tip of my tongue and that may be the grapes that this wine is made from. It is a grape called Monastrell. Flipping to the Internet I find that this is also called Mourvèdre or Mataró and it is a popular wine variety mainly grown in Spain but also in France, USA (Washington and California) and Australia. I’ve never heard of this grape  before reading the wines label and now reading the Internet I find that it is ion decline because it is a grape that is hard to grow and growers are replacing tit with the more well known Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. I tend to buy wines by the type of grape that forms the wine that I enjoy drinking. I like this grape. Save this grape. Drink this wine.

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