Weekly Vinyl – Tschaikowsky

10 May

Tschaikowsky – Symphony No.4 in F minor
Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion- Télévision Français Paris
Paul Kletzki – conductor
Here’s another one that I got is Switzerland. How many did I bring back from there? I figure I did get this in Switzerland because it is a French record and the writing is in German and French. I rationalize that I picked this up because of the cover. (I like the way Tchaikovsky – Tschaikowsky is spelled.) Mostly, I took this because I love the cover. It looks like it was done in crayon. It looks like a fall scene of a field on the Western Front in France during World War I. That’s the impression I get. The music is very complementary to the cover. It has the ambiance of a nice late October early November storm. The winter is front moving in. The wind is howling, the sky is combative, yet you are warm behind the window of your home. Like a storm there are highs and lows and swirling sounds. I have a great feeling when I’m listening to this now even though it is spring.


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