Weekly Wine – Cesari

1 May

SONY DSCCesari Merlot Delle Venezie
12% ABV
$7.65 (LCBO)

Here’s a wine that bites back. The first taste is harsh. There is a distinct aftertaste. Not exactly a home made wine but it gives that impression. It’s an interesting taste. Definitely a wine you want with food, to subdue the wine a bit.  When you drink it without food, the taste keeps on biting — this does not go away. This harshness dissipates but accumulates slowly and you get an acidic taste in your mouth. It is not too pleasant. This is probably due to the sulphites in the wine. Most wines have natural sulphites and even have sulphites added to it to arrest fermentation and preserve the wine. So this acidity cannot be just due to this additive. I guess it’s just this type of wine. It is drinkable — but just.

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