Weekly Wine – Fuzion

24 Apr

SONY DSCFuzion / Shiraz-Malbec
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

This is a cheap Argentinean wine. A wine that made extraordinary ripples when it was introduced here in Ontario. A decent wine so cheap. Even wine snobs would put a bottle or two into their baskets for those “special occasions.” It is a favourite for the cottagers and the backyard grill enthusiasts — a cheap wine that one will not be embarrassed about. It has a strong initial taste that fades quite nicely. The aftertaste is pronounced but not bad. A tart taste lingers on the tongue. The wine is all right for casual drinking – the definition of plonk. There are no real faults with the taste but there is nothing too extraordinary as well. If buying it helps the Argentinean economy and forestalls another invasion of the Falklands – and that is a good thing.


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