Weekly Vinyl – Before and after Science

19 Apr

Before and after Science
Brian Eno
I have no idea what happened to this album. When I took it out of the sleeve it was stuck to the plastic insert. Did the plastic melt? Did some sticky sweet liquid infiltrate the album and cause this mess? A flashback memory hit me and I saw my mom washing records and having them drip dry in the drying rack. I shook my head got the record cleaner out, carefully cleaned the album and let it spin.
Oh boy, that didn’t work too well. The sound was horrible and the needle was slipping around. Yes. I washed the record with very mild some and lukewarm water. No. I did not leave it in the drying rack to drip dry.
Now that the record is playing normally IO can concentrate on the music. There is earnestness to Brian Eno’s music especially when he is singing. His voice has this deliberate melodic charm, which is quite unique. This is a calming record even when it does try to take it up a notch, like in the song Backwater, there is a subdued intensity. The songs are exquisitely crafted. No wonder he is such a fine producer. This was one of the albums that introduced me to Brian Eno. It is a fine example of this artists work.

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